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The American Collegiate League, (ACL), the national body of governance for regional collegiate summer league softball.   Established in 2022, the ACL, the first for profit collegiate league to exist while focused on competitive collegiate softball summer play, player development, player experience and the growth of the overall game. 

ACL collegiate leagues currently existing, the Florida Gulf Coast League (FGCL - established 2019), Bradenton, Florida, the  Scenic City Collegiate League (SCCL - established 2023), Chattanooga, TN, with new 2024 regional additions, the Golden Bay Collegiate League (GBCL) Irvine, California, the Lone Star State Collegiate League (LSCL) Austin, Texas.  The ACL is committed in bringing premier collegiate softball player development to these regions of the United States of America for the best, premier opportunity of the collegiate game. 

All ACL leagues are the same dates of play, 6/13-7/15 with up to 25 games including playoffs & an all-star event.   All games are live streamed with live play by play commentary, national universal scoring system, regional/national team standings, league leaderboards, player statistics all available on the phone app of the American Collegiate League.  ACL regional leagues provide ACL approved housing for its athletes & staff. The style of housing provided for example: college dorms on a college campus or also cottage style homes in various locations, NO HOST families.  Cost also includes jersey sets, workout & hitting training facilities, workout and various apparel.  All regional league teams play with the same collegiate rules while providing player developmental facilities such as hitting and workout facilities while competing on pristine playing campuses & much more with some regional leagues providing job opportunities in addition.  Regional league costs vary per regional location but range from $1600-$2700 depending on need of housing. Come experience a summer like none other before in the American Collegiate League, the first, premier collegiate summer softball system of its kind. 

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